Make word searches from your words

Enter your words, press a button and your puzzle is done. Customize how you wish!



choose your difficulty level

Choose from 8 word directions: Up/Down, Left/Right, and 4 diagonal directions


Choose from 5 letter sharing options, everything from words cannot cross or share letters to words can be completely hidden in another word, and everything in between.


Capitalize all of the letters in the grid, none of the letters, only the first letters of the words, or capitalize the first letters and some decoys.



Customize how it prints


    Change the title, font, and size

    Worksheet options


    Fonts and sizes for your word list

    Credits: keep the default, customize it, or delete it

    Adjust the margins if you don’t like the way it auto formats




Product info

1-2-3 Word Search Maker has been sold since 1999. It is popular among educators and puzzle enthusiasts.


choose from 4 styles of word searches

Standard word search

Word search with hidden message

Word search with clues

Word search with clues and hidden message


use your puzzles several ways


    Print as a work sheet

    Print multiple copies, each with a different grid of letters to discourage copying

    Export as an image

    Export as text

    Export as html




Save your set up


If you find you make puzzles with similar settings, you can memorize those settings so your puzzle always starts out just the way you like it.

Ready to try it?

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